Convert the Tailgating Experience Into Profit With Live Video
Matt Masur
Matt Masur
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The idea of “converting tailgating into profit" can quickly bring up thoughts of winning a cornhole tournament in a parking lot. In reality, the coveted pre-game celebration known as tailgating can help businesses turn fun into closed business. Booze and hand-eye coordination optional.

Many companies, including B2B vendors, have been holding tailgate events before big games for a very long time now. Think of the relationship you can build with other businesses by inviting them to a private cook-out before the game. Or the bond you can create with other companies you do business with by including them as hosts of the party - it will portray a strong connection to the local community and provides a great chance to market both companies, simultaneously.

Add live streaming to the mix and companies can take this time-tested endeavor and maximize it’s value and effectiveness.


Live Streamed Tailgate Boosts Company Image

By streaming live from a company tailgate you allow the event to reach more than those that were able to stop by, in person. Your live video shows customers how much the local market means to your team. It also shows your company knows how to let its hair down and have a good time. Make no mistake, businesses have a personality they display to the world, just like people. The more likable the business’s personality, the more they are trusted, by both the community and potential business partners.

At these type of events the company team can answer questions and talk shop with party-goers about their products and services, but it shouldn’t come off as a pushy business meeting. A company should want their guests to have a good time, and to think favorably of their business once the party's over. To a degree, the business is trying to buy affection with food, drink, and promotional items, but the goal is to only casually imprint your company's mission into their minds.

From there the key is to take this event template and turn it into successful live video content. It can be a little challenging but with proper planning, live video can dramatically increase a company’s tailgate ROI. When you use a multi-streaming video service like Switchboard Live, your event, which may hold 50-100 people, opens up to an unlimited number of viewers.

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Tips for Making High-Quality Tailgate Live Video

Don’t just set up a camera with a wide shot of the crowd and pretend that’s good video content. Too often those live streaming an event want to just show all the people there. While you’ll want to pan around and show the crowd during your stream, viewers from home will want to see more than just the people that are attending.

Make it a show! Think of live events on TV - New Years Eve, live from Times Square, is a great example. The first thing they have are hosts, and a live streamed tailgate should have an entertaining host, as well. Maybe that’s someone from the company, but hiring a local personality is also a great option to consider.

One of the main things the host should do is interview people at the event. From company executives to special guests to customers in attendance, the host should introduce viewers to enough people that it won't hurt to insert an occasional business plug. The interviews should also be quick, to keep the video moving along and hold attention.

Hosts can also play games with customers and viewers and do their best to shine the event and the company in a fun and inviting light. Of course, if the event is open to the public, the good times at your tailgate will certainly drive more people to your company that day, and for future business.

This football season don’t just throw a party for a limited number of local guests, stream live from your tailgate party and invite an unlimited number of potential clients and partners, from around the globe!


Matt Masur
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Matt Masur
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