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Using the Switchboard Icon

The Switchboard logo and icon are both comprised of the following color palette.

Switchboard Palette - Logo

For printing, please match the Swithboard Green (PMS 802c) to the PANTONEĀ® color when printing in spot color. Do not use Pantone spot color swatches for matching four-color process colors.

RGB: 255.255.255

HEX: #66CC33
RGB: 102.204.51

HEX: #000000
RGB: 0.0.0

More information

To learn how to use the Switchboard Logo, please see the Switchboard Logo page.

Any usage not addressed by the guidelines on this site needs special approval and must be submitted in English to Brand Guidelines. Please allow up to a week for a reply. Switchboard reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.