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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a modern cloud business communication platform that provides you with video, voice, conferencing, and messaging in one easy to use solution. Zoom enables quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device.

What is Switchboard Cloud?

Switchboard Cloud is a multistreaming tool that gives you the power to simultaneously live stream across various social sites and channels from a single input. The platform is compatible with most hardware and software encoders, and allows you to stream to both traditional RTMP destinations and Custom RTMP destinations at no extra cost.

How do they work hand in hand?

This Switchboard Cloud & Zoom integration allows users to take live video conferencing and collaborations to social media. With Zoom's live streaming feature, your meetings can be sent to Switchboard Cloud and, from there, to ANY social media platform and streaming channel!

Here's a Use Case

Company A has a weekly live show and wants to do a collaborative episode with Company B via web chat. Both companies want to live stream the meeting to their numerous social channels.

Because Company A is the host, they would use Zoom for their conferencing tool and then use Switchboard Cloud for their live stream distribution to social media.

If Company B wants the stream on their social media as well, all they have to do is give social media log in permissions to Company A. With Switchboard Cloud, both companies can live stream to their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter channels and more! This will help both parties grow their brand awareness and get good exposure to each other's audience.


Growing Audience


With Switchboard Cloud's easy to use platform, the multistreaming process is made simple. With Zooms multiple ways of communicating such as their phone system, Zoomrooms, and video webinars, this gives you access to many ways of collaborating with other industry pros. Together, Switchboard Cloud and Zoom can be an easy way to share your ideas with the world in a way that's fun to watch, hits every audience, and benefits your online presence and engagement.

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