One Stream.
Endless Possibilities.

Simultaneously live stream across the most popular social media channels.

Reach your audience, No matter where they are watching.

Broadcast your live content across various social sites and streaming destinations.

  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Twitch

Meet Switchboard Cloud

Cloud Computing

Simultaneously live stream in high quality across various channels + devices.

Intuitive Platform

Set it and forget it. Pre-load your social channels + metadata for quick and easy future streaming.

Customizable Streaming

Use the encoder of your choice, send streams to custom RTMP destinations, and brand your content with your favorite watermarks.

Compatible With Today's Most Popular Encoders

  • ecamm
  • NewTek
  • Teradek
  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • Epiphan Video
  • Wirecast

Stress - Free Streaming

Switchboard Cloud lets you hand-pick the destinations you want to simultaneously stream to, edit stream titles and descriptions, and gather audience insights in real-time.

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Here's what you get with Switchboard Cloud

There's so many ways to connect and do more with Switchboard. Here are the benefits of streaming out loud.

Pro Enterprise Custom
$99/mo Contact Us Contact Us
Free 14 Day Trial
Team members[1] Up to 5 Up to 20 Unlimited
Bitrate 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 25 Mbps
Resolution (max) 1080p 1080p 4k
Included 5 10 Custom
Add-On 2 5 Custom
Stream Duration
Per Month[3] 50h Unlimited Unlimited
Per Stream[4] 12h 12h 24h
Add Ons
Embed Player
  1. [1] The total number "Users" you can invite to your Switchboard Cloud Team to use the platform on your behalf.
  2. [2] The total number of Destinations you can have simultaneously active is your "included" plus your "add on".
  3. [3] "Stream Duration - Per Month" reflects the total number of hours you can stream per month.
  4. [4] "Stream Duration - Per Stream" reflects the total number of hours you can simultaneously stream for a single event.