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Reach everyone

Don't try to "convince" your YouTube subscribers to tune into your Facebook live stream.

  • Let the platforms work for you

    Let each platform send out their own notifications and get maximum exposure for free!

  • More engagement

    By letting your audience choose the platform, they most likely already have an account there which in turn increases their engagement.

Reduce complexity

One stream. Multiple destinations. It doesn't have to get more difficult than that.

  • No need to upgrade your computer

    Don't encode the same thing multiple times. Just encode it once and let us deal with the rest.

  • Don't worry about bandwidth limits

    Paying for bandwidth you don't need is one thing. Not being able to get it at all is another. Don't overload your internet connection by sending multiple copies of the same thing. Instead, just send it to us once and leverage our powerful infrastructure to distribute it for you.

Stay platform independent

Grow your following across multiple platforms at the same time.

  • Stay on top of the trends

    No need to anticipate which platforms will rise to the top. Just be on all of them and let your viewers make that decision for you.

  • Expand without risk

    Test new marketing channels without leaving your existing audience behind.

Switchboard Works With:

Note: If your encoder/destination isn't listed here, that doesn't mean it won't work! It just means that we haven't tried that one yet. You can test it for yourself with a free trial (no credit card required)!
Works with Aja Helo
Works with Broadcast Pix
Works with Datavideo
Works with Ecamm
Works with Elgato
Works with LiveU
Works with Magewell
Works with Matrox
Works with Mevo
Works with NewBlue
Works with Newtek Tricaster
Works with Open Broadcaster Software
Works with Otter Director
Works with SlingStudio
Works with Softvelum
Works with Streamlabs
Works with Switcher Studio
Works with Telestream
Works with Teradek
Works with Vimeo Livestream
Works with vMix
Works with XSplit
Works with Zoom
Works with Akamai
Works with Dacast
Works with Dlive
Works with Facebook Live
Works with LinkedIn
Works with Periscope
Works with RTMP
Works with Snapstream
Works with StreamingChurch
Works with Twitch
Works with Twitter
Works with Vimeo
Works with YouTube

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Profile picture of Ryan Christiansen
Ryan Christiansen
Director of Video Operations, Villanova University
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We experienced a large spike in engagement and viewership during all three shows. We were able to break through the clutter in the digital media space.

Profile picture of Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez
Executive Producer/Host, ABC News Radio
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Company logo of Aaron Sanchez

Switchboard Live is a simple cost effective addition to any content creator who wants to stream their LIVE feed to multiple online channels.

Profile picture of Tony Bruno
Tony Bruno
Host, The Tony Bruno Show
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I absolutely LOVE Switchboard Cloud. It's so easy to use and incredibly versatile. I love how I can switch output streams at the click of a button and don't have to worry about a reaching our audience.

Profile picture of Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Media Pastor, Yakima Foursquare Church
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When we went to Switchboard Live, we were able to see quantitative growth on our live streams. Our engagement is off the charts and our numbers are exploding.

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The right price for you, whoever you are


$ 35 /month
  • Stream to 3+ destinations

  • 1 team member per account

  • 1 encoder workflow input

  • Up to 25 hours of streaming/month

  • 2.5 Mbps (max) 720p

  • Email/chat support 9am-5pm ET

60 min pre-trial with no credit card required!
Most popular


$ 99 /month
  • Stream to 5+ destinations

  • 3 team members per account

  • 1 encoder workflow input

  • Up to 50 hours of streaming/month

  • 5 Mbps (max) 1080p

  • Watermarking

  • Email/chat support 9am-5pm ET

60 min pre-trial with no credit card required!


$ 350 /month
  • Stream to 10+ destinations

  • 10+ members per account

  • 2 encoder workflow input

  • Unlimited hours of streaming/month

  • 10 Mbps (max) 1080p

  • Watermarking

  • Embeddable HTML5 video player

  • Special customer support packages

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Customize your plan

Stream in 1080p$25/monthIncludedIncluded
Extra watermarking$25/month per destination$25/month per destination$25/month per destination
Extra destinations$25/month per destination$25/month per destination$25/month per destination
Extra encoder inputNot availableNot available$250/month (RTMP input)
Embeddable video player (HTML5)Not availableStarts at $99Included

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, we don't support streaming to Instagram Live. We are partners with all of the streaming platforms and have to abide by their terms and conditions. But this doesn't mean that they won't open up their API in the near future - so we'll be sure to let you know when they do.

YES! Facebook made the announcement in early September of 2019 that you are able to stream to multiple destinations including Facebook channels/pages/groups at the same time. Even though Switchboard Live complied with this rule in the past, you have no worries multistreaming to all the destinations that you need to moving forward.

Unfortunately, we do not offer nonprofit pricing at this time; something we make look to provide in the future, but not at the present time. However we do offer a very economical Indie plan priced at $35 per month to get started :)

Our Switchboard Cloud Indie subscription plan is for all types of live publishers & content creators that have multistreaming needs but only need to multistream a few hours a week and up to three destinations (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc...) at the same time. So if you are a small church, small business, gamer, podcaster, entrepreneur, influencer; the Indie subscription of Cloud is what you were looking for!

Of course! Switchboard Cloud supports RTMP, RTMPS, and Custom RTMP destinations. This means that you are able to stream to pretty much any streaming platform out there i.e. social media sites, niche streaming apps, websites - the possibilities are endless.

Yes! We work some of the best mobile streaming companies out there, such as Switcher Studio, Live:Air Solo, PRISM Live Studio, Otter Networks, and Larix Broadcaster. Through these apps, you are able to send your stream to Switchboard Cloud and from there, multistream to all of your favorite streaming platforms. And if you're out in the field and want to monitor/control your streams on your phone, Switchboard Cloud is functional on mobile and tablet devices as well.

We calculate the hours per month based on the amount of time you are actually live and streaming to multiple social media destinations. When you set up your encoder and are just streaming video to the Switchboard Cloud platform, that is not dipping into your monthly hours. Additionally, if you stream for 1 hour to 5 destinations that counts as 1 hour, not 5!

As of 12/20/19 Switchboard Cloud now supports multistreaming live content to LinkedIn Live! You can now add a LinkedIn Live destination to your workflow just like any other destination; keep in mind that you first need to be approved to stream live content to your personal or company LinkedIn Page. You can request access here:

Switchboard Cloud Pro is billed $948 (-20%) per year or $267 (-10%) per quarter. Switchboard Cloud Indie billing is not offered quarterly but is billed at $399 (-5%) per year.

Until your subscription is canceled, your subscription will automatically renew and your payment method on file will be deducted each month. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your subscription, you DO NOT need to send an email; you can do so by following the easy directions listed in this support article.