Frequently Asked Questions

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You are able to signup and select between monthly, quarterly and annually billing options. We also offer feature add-ons that will allow you to increase destinations, inputs or stream to an embeddable player.

A trial subscription is a full 7 day trial of our Indie or Pro subscription tiers. During the trial period there are no watermarks or branding present. The trial is a fully functional account without any subscription based limitations.

Unfortunately, we do not offer nonprofit pricing; something we make look to provide in the future, but not at the present time. However we do offer a very economical Indie plan priced at $35 per month to get started :)

Yes! you have the ability to select your desired billing interval as well and upgrade or downgrade to a subscription offering that works best for you and your requirements and needs.

Switchboard Live does not offer a free tier (or free subscription) of Switchboard Cloud. We offer a pretrial which allows you to kick the tires around and test out the platform without entering any billing information and is a no obligation However, we do offer a 7 Day Free Trial for our first two subscription tiers: Indie and Pro.

Free Trial • Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card Required

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