Digitally Connecting
Citizens & Government

Multistreaming public meetings facilitates constituent audience growth by expanding the reach of these meetings across multiple platforms, enabling broader accessibility, increased engagement, and the potential for greater public participation.

Dir. of Communications

Engage with the public in real-time, provide transparent & timely updates, and showcase important events or initiatives.

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Public Information OfficerPublic Information Officer
Public Information Officer (PIO)

Reach a wider audience in real-time, provide transparency & engage with the public on important issues.

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Social Media Manager

Provide real-time updates, engage with the public, & increase transparency and accessibility of government activities.

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Director of Communications

Foster transparency and openness, enable immediate dissemination of important information, updates, and announcements.

Showcase agency's initiatives
Provide access to key events
Increase engagement & transparency
Director of Communications
Public Information Officer

Public Information Officer

Reach a larger audience in real-time, provide immediate updates during emergencies or crises, and increase transparency and accessibility in all communication efforts.

Expand reach and accessibility
Increase transparency and trust
Enhance real-time communication

Social Media Manager

Expand the reach of important government messages, enhance transparency by providing direct access to events and updates, while facilitating interaction and feedback from citizens on the popular social platforms.

Increase transparency and accessibility
Engage with citizens in real-time
Showcase behind-the-scenes activities
Social Media Manager

Curated just for public sector use

City & State, Emergency Services, Public Safety Agencies

Public Sector

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