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Switchboard Live API Unbelievably Powerful

The Switchboard Live API helps developers and organizations increase scalability while at the same time reducing costs, administrative overhead and overall time-to-market.

Connected Single Point of Integration

Once you've connected to Switchboard Live's API, streaming through your desired media broker becomes as simple as turning delivery on and off. We've simplified all of the different integration paths you would normally have to deal with into one, easy-to-use resource model.

Access Advanced Video Features

In addition to delivery, Switchboard Live's API provides simple, programmable access to transcode, transmux and archival features that would traditionally require additional hardware, development, and licencing considerations. Rolling your own delivery solution has never been easier.

Write Less Code

Your App talks to us; We broker the configuration and real-time delivery.

Increase Security

Remove the risks associated with storing access and security tokens.

Rich Analytics

Develop powerful reporting tools with access to metrics.

Reduce Data

Spend less time focused on the logistics of live delivery.

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