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  • Stream to 3 destinations
  • 1 team member per account
  • 1 encoder input
  • Up to 25 hours of streaming /mo
  • 3.5 Mbps (max) 720p
  • Customer Support 9am -5pm ET
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  • Stream to 5+ destinations
  • 3 team member per account
  • 1 encoder input
  • Up to 50 hours of streaming /mo
  • 5 Mbps (max) 1080p
  • Watermarking
  • Customer Support 9am -5pm ET
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  • Stream to 10+ destinations
  • 3 team member per account
  • 2 encoder input
  • Unlimited hours of streaming /mo
  • 10 Mbps (max) 1080p
  • Watermarking
  • Special Customer Support Packages
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Indie Pro Business
Addl. Transcoding - $25 per Destination $25 per Destination
Addl. Destinations - $25 per Destination $25 per Destination
Addl. Encoder Input - - $250 per month
Embeddble Video Player - + Add On Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you guys support LinkedIn Live? As of 9/16/19 we do not have support for publishing live content to LinkedIn Live. We are actively working on integration with LinkedIn and anticpate full support in the coming weeks!

Can I live stream to Instagram? Unfortunately, we don't support streaming to Instagram Live. We are partners with all of the streaming platforms and have to abide by their terms and conditions. But this doesn't mean that they won't open up their API in the near future - so we'll be sure to let you know when they do.

Can I stream to custom websites or other third party streaming platforms? Of course! Switchboard Cloud supports RTMP, RTMPS, and Custom RTMP destinations. This means that you are able to stream to pretty much any streaming platform out there i.e. social media sites, niche streaming apps, websites - the possibilities are endless.

Can I use my phone to stream to Switchboard Cloud? Yes! We work some of the best mobile streaming companies out there, such as Switcher Studio and Softvelum. Through their apps, you are able to send your stream to Switchboard Cloud and from there, multistream to all of your favorite streaming platforms. And if you're out in the field and want to monitor/control your streams on your phone, Switchboard Cloud is functional on mobile and tablet devices.

How do we calculate hours of streaming per month? We calculate the hours per month based on the amount of time you are actually live and streaming to multiple social media destinations. When you set up your encoder and are just streaming video to the Switchboard Cloud platform, that is not dipping into your monthly hours. Additionally, if you stream for 1 hour to 5 destinations that counts as 1 hour, not 5!

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