How To Go Viral With StreamShare™

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Picture this scenario. You’re about to begin your first Switchboard live stream, where you can multistream to an unlimited number of destinations all at once!

To increase your viewership, you invite your audience members to opt-in and join your stream. The aggregated viewers of the stream take off, with your stream going from 100 viewers to 1,000 viewers instantaneously.

Your viewers engage, listen, and learn with each other in real time. Talk about a next-level multistreaming experience, right?

This experience is totally possible with Switchboard Live’s new StreamShareTM feature!

To help our users grow their audiences, StreamShareTM enables you to rapidly scale your viewership by allowing your viewers to carry your stream. Check out the following video to see how this works:

StreamShare tutorial via Switchboard's YouTube channel.

Simply put, this feature is key for those looking to expand their reach and go viral on the internet.

Let's jump right into some StreamShareTM tips!

Invite Well-Known Influencers To Join Your Streams

In our online world, connections are essential to going viral! Consider the new trend of content houses, where influencers rent and buy homes to create content like YouTube and Tik Tok videos.

To become an internet sensation, you should consider inviting well-known influencers to join your streams via StreamShareTM. Collaborative content is powerful -- and creating influencer partnerships on live streams will help you get your name out there!

Utilize Audience Giveaways

Let’s face it -- everyone loves free stuff.

Which makes giveaways a win-win for both audience and streamers!

To go viral on the internet, Switchboard recommends using free giveaways on your live streams.

With our StreamShareTM feature, you can invite your winning audience members to join your streams to witness their reactions in real time!

This is the ideal way to engage with your audience, because your viewers will be able to communicate with you and other streamers… all while winning FREE stuff!

In turn, your audience could create user-generated content to bring more viewership and engagement to your streams.

You really can’t go wrong with a giveaway!

Create Humorous and Trendy Content

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

To become an internet sensation, you should consider developing humorous content to push out on your streams!

Consider TimTheTatman, American Twitch streamer who is known for his funny and outgoing personality. With a loyal following, his fans love tuning into his streams for his humorous and captivating content.

With StreamShareTM, Switchboard recommends hosting streams that keep up with what YOUR audience wants.

People will continue watching your streams if they enjoy your content, so try new and exciting stream ideas! You can collaborate with other streamers to develop fun content, like virtual talent shows and stand-up comedy.

To become viral on the internet, using StreamShareTM is KEY! By growing your audience instantly, the possibilities are endless on your streams. Dive in and use StreamShareTM today!