10 Product Types that Benefit from Live Commerce

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The shopping experience has changed drastically in the last few years, with many changes accelerated during the global pandemic. Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to how and when they choose to shop. Live commerce is when customers make purchases through live streaming events like those offered on Amazon Live’s live streaming service—giving brands an interactive way to teach shoppers about new products without leaving home or being interrupted by ads. Live commerce can reach a larger audience, especially on Black Friday, allowing you to sell to all shoppers, not just those who go to the store. Here is our list of 10 product types that benefit from live commerce.

1. Sports Cards and Memorabilia

Live commerce benefits sports cards and memorabilia enthusiasts because it allows them to find deals right at their fingertips instantly and interactively on live commerce apps, like WhatsNot, which have become extremely popular for live commerce. With access to products worldwide, people can discover priceless memorabilia that they otherwise could not obtain for a reasonable price before. Live commerce gives sports and memorabilia sellers all the benefits of e-commerce in an environment that lets sellers interact with customers, create demand for their products, and increase sales.

2. Beauty

Beauty products benefit from live commerce because they can be purchased immediately on impulse during a live stream. Beauty shoppers often seek new and fresh looks and want to keep up with current trends. Live commerce not only shows these trends but gives viewers an instant way to make a purchase. This has allowed influencers like Caleb Wessels and Belle Beauty to use the power of Amazon Live to showcase their looks and the products they sell. Live commerce will enable retailers to present the customer with all the product information available for a more informed decision before purchasing; this improved sales communication can lead to more conversions.

3. Clothing

Live commerce is a great way to stream your fashion shows or just show off your clothes, connecting top fashion influencers directly with potential customers looking at the latest trends online. Customers can buy instantly from their screens with no go-between, which makes both parties happy and saves money for everyone involved. Clothing brands keep advertising and production costs low, and customers save time and effort. Utilizing multi-streaming, clothing companies can maximize their audience reach to sell more products at once.

4. Food and Beverage

If your business sells food and beverages, make sure to utilize live commerce capabilities. People will be able to see what you're selling before sending their orders in. This is a great way to convey a consumer’s experience with your product, from the initial unboxing to showing how the product is used.

5. Technology

Technology companies who want a more extensive customer base or want more sales can host a live stream for people to watch and buy products at their convenience. Amazon Live influencers like The Deal Guy or Monte Weaver bring technology to the masses using live streams to showcase products live. Live commerce allows those in technology to showcase their product, demonstrate the technology, answer questions, and make sales live on social networks. This is especially attractive as Black Friday shoppers try to find the best gifts and deals for the holiday season ahead.

6. Furniture

Live commerce is a practical approach for selling furniture online. It allows people interested in purchasing to view the furniture in a space and ask someone about it before buying. Using social media platforms, furniture sellers can reach a large audience and help answer their biggest buying questions live while showcasing furniture features to customers in their homes.

7. Baby Supplies

Live commerce is an excellent way to showcase and sell baby care products. Influencers like My Baby Experts use live commerce to show families the products they need. Since parents-to-be and new parents are likely shopping on a more personal level, it's important to emphasize the ease of use and the product’s safety through live video instead of relying on words and pictures alone. Showing off your product in action while you speak about its features and benefits can help build trust with potential buyers.

8. Artwork

Influencers have been involved in many spaces of art for a while. Now, live commerce allows artists to show how they create original artwork by using live video streaming. Viewers can see the mediums used, the colors mixed, and tiny details that they may not notice in static images alone. Demonstrating your process like this helps potential buyers understand your artistic vision and can get them more interested in buying your art with live commerce.

9. Children's Toys

Parents love live demonstrations because these types of videos give helpful insight into what they're buying before shelling out big bucks for children’s toys. Seeing and hearing the child's reaction to the toy when they see it in action can make parents happy and make children more likely to want the toy shown in the live stream instead of just looking at one in a picture. Using live commerce, influencers can share toy recommendations and gift ideas that make shopping fun and easy.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry looks best when worn because its features are not always visible in pictures or images. The ability to communicate via live video can give customers the sense that they're trying on the piece of jewelry before finalizing the purchase and increase your sales without needing a store.

How you can Utilize Live Commerce

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