Stretch Internet & Switchboard Live Team Up in Slam Dunk Partnership
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Stretch Internet & Switchboard Live Team Up in Slam Dunk Partnership

Rudy J. Ellis
Rudy J. Ellis

Switchboard Live is thrilled to announce a partnership with Stretch Internet, the streaming company with freakishly good support. Through this exciting partnership, Stretch Internet clients will be able to push their streams to Switchboard Live for syndication purposes, and both companies’ clients will benefit from brand-new integrations.

“Streaming is growing faster than ever, and we recognize that with this growth comes a desire for people to push content to multiple platforms to draw an audience,” says J.D. Fox, Operations and Production Manager at Stretch Internet. “Switchboard Live is the best solution on the market that we’ve seen for distributing a stream in this fashion, and we are excited to partner with such an innovator in the space.”

Founded in 2003, Stretch Internet started out providing audio-only streaming in the college sports space. The company quickly realized that people wanted to part of the moment.

“With the evolution of technology, these moments can be shared and connect people from all around the world no matter what device they may be on at the time,” says J.D. “That is the true power of live streaming.”

stretch internet switchboard live partnership

Today, Stretch Internet is a leading player in the collegiate sports space, providing streaming services for upwards of 650 colleges in the U.S. and Canada. Houses of worship and production companies also count on Stretch Internet to live stream church services and events.

In the coming weeks, Switchboard Live and Stretch Internet will launch a joint education campaign centered around how Stretch Internet clients will be able to utilize Switchboard Live to broadcast their live stream across multiple social streaming services, thereby extending their reach and boosting engagement. Clients can expect step-by-step instructions for both platforms, support materials specific to Switchboard Cloud activation, and more.

“We are thrilled that our clients can now take advantage of our customized platform, and the immersive experience that comes with it, while displaying content through different avenues. With mobile streaming become a larger part of the streaming world, the idea of sending one stream out to hit different places, especially in social media, is vital.”
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As this partnership grows, Switchboard Live and Stretch Internet hope to announce deeper integrations. We’ll keep you posted here on the official Switchboard Live blog.

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