Switchboard Live's 2018 Year in Review
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Switchboard Live's 2018 Year in Review

Rudy J. Ellis
Rudy J. Ellis

This year was anything but dull for the Switchboard Live team. Most of us are sitting here in awe of the fact that 12 months seemed to just casually pass by. We keep using the classic saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” all of us scoffing at the ridiculousness of the idea that the sole reason for time passing by quickly is simply good times and fun. So, we decided to amend the quote to something a little more appropriate for our small yet fiercely resilient team. Let us know what you think…

"Time flies when you’re working at a startup and balancing the rewarding highs with the unexpected lows; taking every success as a well deserved victory, and every hit as a lesson needed to be learned, yet continuing to charge forward with unbreakable persistence, unwavering optimism, and most importantly… a little bit of fun.”

Thanks to you and your support, we are able to head into another year with positive energy and a steadfast drive to continue providing the best quality live streaming products and services. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and we hope you enjoy the video!

Additions to the Team

Sandra Arber
David Brown
Geoff Grow
Michael McLeod
Jordan Norris
Ryan Haase


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