Switchboard Live and KNEKT Join Forces to Live Stream the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys
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Switchboard Live and KNEKT Join Forces to Live Stream the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

The 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards is changing the digital television game and paving an exciting new landscape for the future of OTT. For the first time in its history, the Daytime Emmys will be live streamed exclusively to the organization’s social sites. That’s right. This year, the only way to tune in is through the Daytime Emmy’s Facebook and Twitter page, as well as their company website via KNEKT TV, a new digital OTT network.

KNEKT, a professional video production company, partnered with NATAS (The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) to make this event possible, hoping that it will generate the largest worldwide audience in its history. Providing the power to simultaneously send the live stream to multiple channels, all while maintaining its quality across the differing platforms, is live video distribution company, Switchboard Live. By using Switchboard Cloud, Switchboard Live’s newest product, the Daytime Emmys live stream will be able to coexist on Facebook, Twitter, and KNEKT TV in real time; a method that isn’t possible without a product like Switchboard Cloud.

Excitingly, this isn’t the first time KNEKT and Switchboard Live have worked together, and both teams are looking forward to joining forces and bringing the Emmys to social.

_“We have been working with Switchboard Live for well over 100 of our live shows across the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and its reliability and multi destination streaming has allowed us to deliver content to millions of viewers across platforms. Working on a show as important as the DT Emmys we needed to use the best and having the platform as well as the team as our partner was not even a question.” _
– Kent Speakman, CEO at KNEKT

KNEKT prides itself on providing quality produced broadcasts from world class events, concerts, charity galas, red carpet events, as well as film and television shows. Producing an event like the Daytime Emmys seems like second nature, but Speakman is still more than thrilled. When asked what KNEKT is most excited about, he responded,

_“KNEKT TV has been focused on positive and socially impactful live programming and pre recorded shows. The Emmys is a celebration of all the hard work and dedication that the teams and individuals have put in to make it to a level of success to be nominated, and win these coveted awards. We could not be more excited to be producing the Red Carpet live show and post awards, as well as bringing the awards show LIVE to social destinations. We are extremely excited to be the first ever OTT Digital network to have the show live exclusively on our network. It’s an exciting new landscape that we are in the midst of, with digital, OTT and social becoming a bit of the “Wild West” as the lines are blurred between traditional, digital, social programming, distribution and creation. This is the first time that anyone in the world that has our connected Apple TV, Roku or our iOS or Android app can participate in viewing the show in real time. It’s not only exciting for us, but fans of the programs on a worldwide scale!” _

And exciting it will be. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to see traditional television dip its toes in the pool of social media streaming. With the continuous rise and climb of live video also comes the demand for easy-to-use simulcasting solutions. As Rudy J. Ellis, CEO and Co-founder at Switchboard Live, puts it, “We live in a digital world, powered by endless apps and fragmented audiences.”

Soon enough, “going live” on just one platform will be old news, and audiences and producers alike will crave a more inclusive and convenient way to access their live streams. Luckily, Switchboard Live has a simple solution and is here to help your brand maximize its digital marketing goals. Sign up for a FREE trial of Switchboard Cloud and see for yourself. And don’t forget to watch the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys on April 29th, 2018 broadcast 2pm-7:30pm.

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