Top 10 Industries that Use (or Should Use) StreamShare to Amplify their Reach

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Creating quality content is a time consuming process. Those who work hard to create it on a regular basis know this to be true. Whether you're developing images for social media, messaging for a blog, or video for a livestream, it would seem almost obvious that the more eyes on it, the merrier because through your content, you are conveying an important message that MUST be consumed.

Sure, you could be offering something so specific or niche or targeted that it is intended to be kept private. For the purpose of this article, however, we’re talking about content that is meant for mass public consumption. And there are SO many different use cases that apply. Below, we have compiled a list of the top 10 industries that use (or should use) StreamShare to amplify their reach:

1. Marketing

Marketers create and distribute video content more often than not, as a way to captivate or engage audiences, and ideally turn prospects into customers or clients. StreamShare gives these marketers the opportunity to reach their targets quicker and easier which makes it an absolute no-brainer to implement. Whether you're marketing a start-up, small business, or even a large corporation, there is opportunity to extend your reach and find new viewers.

2. Media/Broadcasting

Similar to marketing in some respects, those in the Media/Broadcasting space are looking to reach individuals at scale through televised or livestreamed events or shows. StreamShare makes it possible to double, triple, quadruple visibility by allowing those already watching to SHARE instantly with their audiences. It could be a breaking news story, a court case, or an exclusive celebrity interview...enabling viewers to share with their audience will bring more awareness to these pressing stories.

3. Podcasting

Supplementing your audio Podcast with video is one tried and true way to offer an engaging addition to what you started out with. One of Switchboard’s very own employees, Alex Burdine, did just this, and he found multistreaming to be a great way to connect with them on a more personal level. Here, he talks about how the StreamShare feature made it easy for him to multiply his audience 4x almost instantly.

4. Sports

Sporting events, whether they are at the local, collegiate, or even national level, are appreciated by family, friends, and fans from all over. Often, when attendees are allowed, arenas are packed full of people cheering for their favorite team or player. When attending in-person isn’t possible, people can watch on their televisions or through livestreaming. The opportunity for these events to be seen by even MORE fans, more family and friends is possible with StreamShare. All it takes is a quick opt-in and share to get to another audience with another set of eyes...

5. Education

Certain educational activities are meant to be kept private--i.e. a classes that people had to pay for in order to participate in--but there are plenty of others, like large-scale school board events where community members are encouraged to participate. Even school plays, or public auctions that might take place through the school system. Imagine how simple it would be to reach an entire community as opposed to just a small fraction of it with the chance to get in front of ALL of them instead of just a few?

6. Non Profits

Non profit organizations are created to support meaningful causes for underprivileged or marginalized communities. Not only do they present an opportunity for individuals to get behind and support something they care deeply about, or have been touched by personally, but they bring education and awareness to misunderstood social, policy, or medical issues, and they can help to bring funding where $$ is desperately needed. Using StreamShare can support these initiatives by making it easier to find and get to the right audiences immediately.

7. Retail

Selling live is nothing new. Just take QVC or HSN, for example. They’ve been doing it as TV shows for years now. That said, newer and more modern options are available to the mainstream market by way of livestreaming. In fact, apps are being rolled out to make it just as easy to sell live as it is to sell via Amazon or your own Shopify store. We recently published a blog discussing this and the impact it holds for the future of retail.

StreamShare holds the key to finding more buyers FAST. Your loyal fans can connect you with other loyal fans by putting you in front of them. (So be good to those who support you and what you're selling! They CAN and DO hold the power to exponential growth!)

8. Houses of Worship

Houses of worship are where spiritual communities come together to celebrate their common beliefs in a safe space. During the COVID19 pandemic, many houses of worship turned to livestreaming to continue regularly scheduled events and gatherings. One Switchboard user in particular, Nathan Parikh, a Pastor at Hallmark Baptist Church, spoke to us about his experience doing just that here.

StreamShare enables HOW communities to multiply participation at such events or gatherings. Using it makes it possible to raise awareness and offer visibility to what you're all about, to reach those that might not even be local.

9. Technology

No matter what the technology is, whether it's a web platform, a SAAS product, or a mobile App, you're likely offering webinars, demos, and answering Q&A's as they relate to the technology at hand, for your users to better understand what it's all about. StreamShare can help you "cut to the chase" so that you can get to more people at once, as opposed to chipping away one little bit at a time, or repeating yourself constantly. All it takes are a few loyalists to be willing to spread the word.

10. Music

Back in the day, musicians used to have Street Teams, which were made up of a collection of people (fans) that were so devoted to the artist or band, that they were willing to volunteer to help on a local level to get the word out about an upcoming album or show. I recall taking part in this as a recent college grad, feeling special and important for having an impact on a musician or band that I adored, helping them to find new fans or concert goers.

In today's world, StreamShare serves the same purpose for musicians, but you're just opting in and sharing by way of social media instead of walking on pavement and taping posters to windows...

In Conclusion

StreamShare serves the purpose of multiplying your viewership instantly and exponentially. It is THE right solution for just about any person, brand, or business that wants or needs more visibility on the content they are pushing out. If there is a message you're trying to share, getting audience members to opt-in and extend your reach by using StreamShare is a quick and easy way to make it happen. Get started using StreamShare today!