These Switchboard Logo Usage Guidelines are for Switchboard Inc.'s ("Switchboard") licensees, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and other parties who wish to use Switchboard's logos and intellectual property rights related thereto ("Switchboard Logos") for their own purposes, including in promotional, advertising, instructional, or reference materials, or in or on web sites, products, labels, or packaging. Note that any use of Switchboard Logos outside of these guidelines requires permission and without such permission may constitute trademark infringement under applicable federal and state law.

Before making a usage request, please be advised that Switchboard generally does not grant permission to use Switchboard Logos outside of formal relationship programs. Exceptions are sometimes made by request for media, event sponsorship and educational uses. If your request is for such uses, please refer to the request section below.

Corporate Logo Use

Switchboard Logos are the most recognizable expressions of Switchboard's brand. We ask that you help us protect this important asset.

We understand and appreciate that you as well as other parties may want to show affiliation with Switchboard. However, use of Switchboard Logos to imply affiliation with or endorsement by Switchboard without express written permission by Switchboard is strictly prohibited. Affiliation with Switchboard or Switchboard programs or the Switchboard Services (as defined in the Terms of Service) does not imply the right to use any Switchboard Logo, which right may only be expressly granted in writing by authorized personnel or agents of Switchboard.

Request Permission

Please contact the Switchboard Legal Department using the contact information below. You will be asked a few questions to help us determine your intended use of the material and your relationship to Switchboard. We will respond to you based on our policy and may ask you to provide additional information to review your request.

Report Usage Violations

Please report suspected misuse of Switchboard Logos, including related misuse of Switchboard's trademarked or copyrighted material, using the contact information below.

Questions or Requests

If you have any questions regarding Switchboard Logos or to request permission for use, please contact the Switchboard Legal Department at:

Switchboard Live, Inc.
1608 Walnut Street
Floor 12
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 853-6380

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