Creating a Community Through StreamShare
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Creating a Community Through StreamShare

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Live streaming video opens up all kinds of possibilities for organizations across industries to reach new online audiences and connect people all over the world. But with most streaming services, you have to pick and choose where to send each stream, trying to convince your Facebook viewers to catch you on YouTube or directing traffic from social platforms to your website.

With Switchboard Cloud, you don’t have to choose — you can leverage the power of your participants to grow your audience and create one big online community. The new StreamShareTM feature for Pro and Business users allows you to create branded streams and post them to other social channels that you don’t own. This expands your global reach by tapping into your guests’ and viewers’ communities with no extra effort.

When you go live, they go live

With StreamShareTM, you can easily invite other people to carry your stream on their channels, so that when you go live, they go live. They don’t have to sign up for Switchboard Cloud or any other service — all they have to do is click an email link to send your stream to their platform, and you’ll instantly go live to potentially thousands of new viewers on their channels.

Here’s an example of how StreamShareTM works: Say you host a podcast where guests join the live broadcast of your show. You can invite each guest to host your stream on their own channels, and all it requires for them is a click of the mouse.

Easy for guests. This capability is completely plug-and-play. The guest will receive an email inviting them to join your stream, and they can connect without having to share any of their personal or account information or redirect viewers from their own platform.

Easy for hosts. And it’s easy for you to use, too — simply follow the basic process for live simulcast streaming to multiple online destinations using Switchboard Cloud, and add your guests as if they were any other streaming destination, such as Facebook or YouTube.

It’s a win-win. Both you and your guests go live on your own channels, but while hosting the same stream — amplifying each of your audiences and organically growing community. If your guests have large networks, this instantly gives you access to like-minded people who are potential new followers and fans. And it allows your guests to get the publicity for their appearance on your show, since they don’t have to direct traffic away from their own channels in order for their fans to tune in.

As Switchboard Live’s own, Alex Burdine, who hosts the podcast Six Seasons and a Podcast, says: “Some of my guests have hundreds of thousands of followers. On my last show, I had five other podcasters share my stream through their streams. We sent my Zoom conference to all of our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts simultaneously, and all they had to do was click a link in an email.”

Share your multistream in any use case

StreamShareTM amplifies the benefits of Switchboard Live exponentially without any extra work. After an easy, one-time configuration, you can send one, outgoing live video stream to all of your online destinations at once — and now this can include your participants’, guests’ and even fans’ channels, too. There are no bandwidth limitations and no upgrades necessary; you can reach current and potential viewers on the platforms they already use and the channels they already follow.

Here are just a few of the many use cases for StreamShareTM with Switchboard Cloud:

Church and house of worship services. Many churches and houses of worship are holding services online, especially since the pandemic started. Now you can grow your membership and spread the message by allowing members and guest speakers to share your live streaming church services on their own channels.

Live streaming sports. Switchboard Cloud is used by everyone from NFL teams to college leagues and high school sports teams, because it’s easy to live stream games and practices on multiple channels at once. Now you can share your sports team’s live video stream on the social media channels, websites and apps of TV networks, partners and even fans.

This is especially helpful in tournaments, where multiple teams, networks and sports media outlets can host the same live stream on all of their channels — exponentially increasing viewership for everyone’s platform at once.

School streaming. As schools around the world continue with remote learning, live school streaming is more important than ever. StreamShareTM is especially useful for special live events, such as fundraisers, art shows and school plays. While friends and families may not be able to attend in person, students can host the event live stream on their own social media pages so all their loved ones can tune in.

For fundraisers and charity events, schools can maximize viewers (and donations) by sharing the event live stream on partners’ channels, attracting audiences beyond the school community.

Ready to create your online community by tapping into the networks of others who already support you?

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