Introducing Multistreaming as a Service

Introducing Multistreaming as a Service

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

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The Evolution of Livestreaming: A Brief History

Livestreaming is a term used to describe the process of broadcasting (streaming) content in real-time by way of the internet. The need for this evolved with us over time, as we have become more and more accustomed to relying on computers for information and entertainment. Before the internet, it was the television, and even though they are still in use, the internet has joined it as an equally powerful tool that pushes out information on an ongoing basis.

Pushing content to multiple destinations (or social channels) simultaneously--as opposed to just one--was a natural progression, so the term Multistreaming (also known as multipublishing or simulcasting) was coined to describe the process. Platforms like Switchboard were born as a way to offer users the ability to do this themselves, easily, and with a trusted team to support them.

The picture below depicts what this looks like:

So What is Multistreaming as a Service?

You may have heard of Software as a Service (SaaS), which is commonly used to describe the software distribution model in which third party providers host applications and make them available to users through the internet. Saas falls under the category of cloud computing. Switchboard is a SaaS platform.

Multistreaming as a Service specifies the multistreaming distribution model that Switchboard offers, allowing content creators and brands to stream to several destinations at once by accessing its platform over the Cloud. Switchboard Live’s Multistreaming as a Service product offerings help customers increase audience viewership on all of their live streaming social channels.

Try not to get caught up with all of the technical terminologies that often intimidates the everyday streamer who just wants a simple multistreaming service that allows them to connect to their social destinations of choice! We hope that by defining this process, this offering, we are helping users like you understand what it is that we do and how that makes us unique.  Feel free to take a peek at our summation of commonly used terms here. This should offer you a basis of understanding of what we mean when we talk streaming.

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