Introducing Switchboard's Dot Live Experience Podcast: Episode 1
Dot Live Experience Podcast

Introducing Switchboard's Dot Live Experience Podcast: Episode 1

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

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About the Dot Live Experience Podcast

The Dot Live Experience Podcast will be focused entirely on multistreaming, including the latest trends, features, apps, use cases and more. We will discuss destinations, do interviews with livestreaming experts and businesses, talk about recent news topics and more. You will also get the opportunity to get to know Switchboard a bit better, including the history, how it came to be where it is today, and what we’re offering our users. We will also dive into other solutions in the marketplace, including the niche’s they serve and how the space as a whole seems to be evolving. We can’t wait to get started.

Introducing Alex Burdine and Rachel Grossinger

Alex Burdine and Rachel Grossinger are colleagues at Switchboard Live and will be running the Dot Live Experience Podcast. Alex, the Demand Generation Lead, has a wide breadth of knowledge on Podcasting through personal experience which we'll get into later, and Rachel is the Marketing Manager. While their roles oftentimes overlap, and they work closely together, they each focus on driving growth in different ways, either by paid channels or through creating and delivering meaningful content.

Alex Burdine as a Podcaster

As we mentioned, Alex is a Podcaster (Six Seasons & a Podcast) and ALSO an avid Switchboard user. He started out podcasting on a weekly basis a while back, but, when he started working at Switchboard, realized there would be a tremendous opportunity to engage more with his listeners (now viewers) by adding in the video element through live streaming. This has given him the chance to directly explore the features of Switchboard that benefit its users, including, more recently, StreamShare. This feature alone, which you'll learn more about, allowed Alex to quadruple his audience almost instantly by adding his guests’ social media accounts and going live on 7+ destinations at the same time.

What is Livestreaming?

The term Livestreaming refers to online streaming media that is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. It can be compared to a podcast, which is strictly audio, except instead of being pre-recorded, live streaming video is a feed of data going out into the world uncut. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t produced. Tools like OBS or Streamlabs allow you to publish live video with graphics, pre-recorded video, or lower thirds like a pro.

Livestreaming During the COVID19 Pandemic

Livestreaming has made it possible for us to continue life with a semblance of normalcy throughout the pandemic. Imagine what it would be like without the ability to connect, whether for work or personal. The multitude of destinations, which are the location(s) where your video ends up, makes it extra easy to do so, both where you want and how you want.

Switchboard happens to allow you to connect with multiple destinations at once, which is called Multistreaming. Switchboard was one of the first companies to enable users to do this. And, despite how technical or complicated it might sound, doing so isn't all that difficult. In fact, it just takes 3 simple steps to connect and go-live using Switchboard.

A Quick Chat with Switchboard Live CEO, Rudy J. Ellis

Rudy highlighted the simplicity and usability of Switchboard as his favorite features. It's one of the many that caught the eye of some of the big companies Switchboard has managed events for over the years. Those include, but are not limited to Dick Clark Productions, Monster Energy, Harley Davidson, Dell Computers, Barstool Sports, and more.

As for the future of livestreaming, Rudy predicts we are going to continue to see a hybrid approach to adapting events as we come out of the pandemic. Based on recent developments and trends, he believes people will have the option to choose how they want to experience events, whether online or in-person, and Switchboard is ready to support that. While no one can guarantee the future, it's clear that new and adapting companies are jumping on board, as well. So, from our end, we're keeping an eye out on how they evolve alongside us and can't wait to see what shapes up for the future.

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