Live Video is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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Live Video is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Matt Masur
Matt Masur

We’ve all known for a while now that when it comes to attention-grabbing content, video is king. Nothing catches the eye when scrolling through our social feeds like a video does. So when brands decide to incorporate video into their digital marketing strategy they are faced with a big first choice; should this be a pre-recorded video or a live video?

While there is a time and a place for everything, this piece will focus on the reasons live streaming video is a great choice for companies and brands.

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Viewers Interact With Your Brand

One of the top reasons live video is such a great tool is because it allows for real-time interaction. Never before in history have people had the opportunity to converse with thousands from around the globe, live. From the start of the live video until its end, people watching can ask questions, provide information, give feedback, or even buy products in real time.

This type of interaction in a live video allows brands to have a two-way conversation with the audience. CEOs, spokespeople and other brand representatives can open up live Q&A sessions with the public. This personal connection creates a strong bond with the brand and fosters incredible brand loyalty.

Interaction doesn’t just mean chatting either. Sites like Twitch and Facebook allow audience members to financially contribute tips or buy paid subscriptions. Some businesses use live video as a modern-day QVC. They go live to showcase and sell a variety of products they have in stock by directing viewers to a website or telephone order line.

Other companies have created interactive games where viewers can win free products. Having a direct connection to such a far-reaching audience has endless possibilities.

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Potential for Tremendous ROI

Time is money and for that reason, a live video destroys a recorded video. If you have ever even attempted to produce a video for anything you know how time-consuming it is. You have to shoot, edit, encode, and upload it, and each of those steps takes what feels like an eternity to complete.

With a live video, you press “go live,” and it’s on. No editing or post-production at all. No need for over the top production value or any of the costs that go along with it. As long as you can be seen and heard clearly not much else matters for a live video. A fully produced recorded video can often require an entire team of professionals working hard to get everything perfect. Every camera angle, every word spoken has to be just right. There is no expectation of that with live content. Live video viewers expect a much rawer video experience.

It’s good to have a plan for what you want to say but you don’t need a full script. Live videos are more like a natural conversation than a scripted commercial.

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You Can Break Your Own News

While CEO chats and product spotlight videos are great, live video is also one of the best ways to make a huge announcement. Companies no longer have to wait for an outlet to pick up their press release about a new product, company expansion or any other huge news. By broadcasting live you’ll be able to connect directly with your followers and deliver the message the way you want it delivered.

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