Dot Live Experience Podcast Episode 2: Livestreaming Use-Cases of Music and Beauty
Live Streaming Use Cases Dot Live Experience Podcast

Dot Live Experience Podcast Episode 2: Livestreaming Use-Cases of Music and Beauty

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

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During this week’s Dot Live Experience Podcast, we discuss 3 different hot-off-the-press articles on recent news in livestreaming.

Concert Venues with Turnkey Livestreaming

The first one talks about how Live Nation and Veeps, the livestreaming platform co-founded by Joel and Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte, are setting up 60+ major concert venues with the ability to offer turnkey livestreaming. The idea behind this is that any artist or band that is playing at these venues will have the chance to livestream the event directly to their fans all over the world.

This is a very cool idea, enabling concert goers to follow their bands wherever they go, and giving bands or artists the chance to livestream to their audience wherever they are. It also solidifies the notion that Livestreaming is here to stay, post-pandemic. One prediction we have discussed is that there will be this hybrid model of both in-person and online events as we move into the future. People love having the option to choose, and this hybrid approach supports that.

Jeremy’s Live Worldwide

Another development for musicians and other artists, called Jeremy's Live Worldwide, has created a two-way interactive livestreaming portal to connect artisans, instructors, and other services to consumers directly, home-to-home. This one is all about social connectivity, positioned as a "Livestreaming Lifestyle Network". It offers both web and mobile apps so that musicians and other artists can hear and see their fans and listeners just like they would during an in-person performance.

One can just imagine how challenging it has been for musicians, for example, to perform a show where there are no audience members out there to provide reactions, to offer applause, to nod their heads when their favorite songs come on. Instead, it has been a one-way experience for both performer(s) and their viewers. Jeremy's Live is trying to change that and they're certainly aiming to solve a real problem. So while it might not be exactly the same as a live performance, it's a variation that might do the trick. We look forward to seeing how this one plays out.

Beauty Livestreaming with Supergreat

Supergreat, launched in 2018, is giving content creators the opportunity to review beauty products through incentives and gamification tactics. Built by colleagues at Tumblr and Tictail, the app now averages 4,000 weekly uploads. Users engage through Supercoins, the in-app currency, which can be earned through content views, by inviting others to join the app, or by participating in group challenges. They can be redeemed for beauty products during what they call "Supergreat rewards drops" that happen everyday at 7pm ET. Users click on the reward to have the product sent to them for free.

Fast forward to 2021 and Supergreat introduced shoppable live sales to engage and reward their community even further. They have brand founders and guests to connect, sell products, and offer exclusive bundles, which their community absolutely loves. This sounds like a QVC dedicated to the beauty niche, and one can't help but be impressed by Supergreat's ability to captivate such an engaged livestreaming community. Then again, this is not unlike what Veeps and Jeremy's Live are doing for concert goers and musicians. Could livestreaming solutions for each unique niche be the next big thing? Drum roll...We shall see...

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