Multistreaming & Multipublishing, All In One

Marketing Tips Nov 19, 2020

Forward-thinking brands, personalities, and marketers are using live video to spread a message, grow a loyal audience, and sell products. There are a number of steps involved in producing a quality live stream, and once the pre-production checklist is complete, the video must be published for others to watch and share, whenever they’d like. The entire process can be quite time-consuming.

Live content creators, as well as folks who work as consultants for live streaming projects, are on the lookout for the best tools that can reduce the number of steps involved. They’re interested in anything that can automate or make streaming easier. That’s why when it comes to distributing video to multiple platforms, Switchboard Cloud is a preferred go-to solution.


Necessities for Live Stream Distribution

As creators search out tools, they soon see many companies offering to send a live stream to multiple destinations, but failing to offer both multistreaming and multipublishing. What this means is that when you send a live video stream to their system, it will then relay your stream to YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms. Then it’s done, and offers nothing else.

While multistreaming is one of the core functions of Switchboard Cloud, this service goes well beyond it by offering the next logical step — multipublishing. The problem with a service that focuses solely on multistreaming, or even streaming directly to one platform, is that you always needed to go back and fill in the details to make it a regular non-live video.

This is where the multipublishing part comes in, as each video requires a proper title, description, and tags so that people will find it when they search for and share a video. If you’re multistreaming to 30 destinations you will need to visit all 30 of them after your live video is streamed, and fill in all of this information for each one.

Switchboard Cloud does all of that for you, which can save streamers hours of work after the live videos are over. One of the main reasons to put out live video is to help avoid all the tedious post-production steps a pre-recorded video requires. No one’s got time to fill in 30 descriptions. And often, they simply don’t even bother. Now they’ve lost out on the benefit of having the content they created be left available for viewers after the fact. It’s like leaving money on the table.


Live Streaming & Publishing Made Easy

What makes Switchboard Cloud even nicer is that it lets you fill in the information at any time. Fill in your description and other metadata days in advance, or in real time while you’re streaming. Better yet, do both. Many people will fill in most of the details in advance and then edit it in real time, adding things that came up during the stream.

The amount of work that can be saved by using Switchboard Cloud puts it miles ahead of any other way to live stream and publish. Never again will streamers have to go back and fill in all the details of a video in all these different places. Now in just one spot, they can fill in the info once, stream, and be done. The video is published almost instantly on all the platforms. This definitely makes live streaming video endeavors more effective and easier to execute.



Rachel Grossinger

Rachel Grossinger is the Digital Marketing Manager at Switchboard Live.