Power of the Pencil
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Power of the Pencil

Rebecca E.
Rebecca E.

Take full advantage of the Switchboard Template feature and get creative with dynamic stream titles, descriptions, and planning future events.

Meeting people where they are and speaking their language is a powerful way to connect to your viewers.  Switchboard's template feature gives you the power to write creative messaging and apply the message with the click of the pencil icon.

You may have heard about the Switchboard Template feature, and how you can use it to create distinct stream titles for Facebook, YouTube, and other destinations grouped together, which is pretty awesome!

But, are you using Switchboard's Template feature effectively?

The Benefits of using a Template:

  • You can apply the same template to multiple destination groups within your workflow.
  • You can make copies of a template and change the title and descriptions so that they can be used for future events. For example, our power users do this to help plan their future live broadcasts.
  • Add separate templates to your workflows; this will allow you to control the voice of the destinations by customizing the stream title and description.
  • Load up the templates with the best descriptive keywords aka Tags, to help viewers discover your content while live and as video on demand.
  • Use StreamShare™ to invite other social channels, group the destinations together, and apply a template for their unique audience.
  • A/B Testing - for messaging.
  • Time saver - that your future self will appreciate.
Press the duplicate button to make copies and help plan future events.

Once you have taken the time to create the perfect template for your live video, make sure you remember to apply your templates to the destination groups by pressing the pencil at the top of the destination group.

Press the pencil icon to apply the template to the destination group.

What templates are you currently using in your Switchboard account to speak to your audience? Use this link to check out the templates you have saved in your Switchboard Account.

Read more about how to use Switchboard templates here: Switchboard Cloud Template Feature.

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