4 Ways Live Streaming Can Boost a Producer to Seller Relationship

Live Streaming Tips Nov 23, 2020

Live streaming video is not just for Fortnite players and makeup tutorials anymore. Every day more and more businesses are using this revolutionary communications tool to build a brand, increase sales, organically grow an audience, and build stronger relationships with their current and prospective customers, as well as their strategic partners.

One great use of live streaming is the way it can create content to connect companies that make things with the companies that sell their products. Live streaming video is a great tool to help foster and grow a powerful relationship between those businesses.

In this post we’ll look at 4 ways live streaming can greatly boost the producer to seller relationship.

live product service demonstration

1. Product or Service Demonstration

The first way live streaming video can improve the producer to seller rapport is probably the most obvious: broadcasting video live allows you to show off your products and give an updated sales pitch to current and potential sellers of your product.

In this scenario, you’re typically targeting and benefiting from the sellers who may be interested in carrying your product. Although at the same time, if the live video is open to the public, this content can also exist in social media feeds and search results for potential consumers.

live stream training education

2. Provide Training & Education

The interactive abilities of live streaming make it a great tool for education. A business can utilize live video to deliver training and instruction to the folks who sell their product throughout the country, and the world.

Producers can present sales trainings that help the sellers become very familiar with the product, and provide tips on the best ways to push it. Because it’s live, rather than some pre-recorded training video, the sales team can stay engaged and ask questions in real time. It’s also a great opportunity for sellers to provide comments to the producer and bounce ideas back and forth with them on the product or service.

3. Product Support

Live streaming video is a great way to help sellers with product support questions. This allows the producer to interact with the vendor and get direct feedback to help improve the product. In addition to answering questions, the producer can go through tips and basic troubleshooting steps that will serve as a self-help resource.

The more the seller can do without time-consuming support calls to the producer, the better. Not only can this type of content help vendors solve their own issues, it’s also a great place for the producer to show off new add-ons, features or related products. That helps turn what might have been a support call into a sales call for sellers.

producer seller comarketing

4. Business Co-Marketing

Producers who have strong brand recognition or a unique product offering can help the companies that sell their products move more units better than anyone else. Working together and putting out live videos featuring both the producer and the seller can have incredible marketing value for both parties.

Take Joe from a fictitious business, Joe’s Anvils. Joe sells the world famous Acme anvils. He would get an amazing boost by being part of a live video with Acme. Now everyone who knows Acme as the brand they prefer will see the company recommend Joe's store as the place to buy their product. People that Google “Acme anvils” will be able to find this content and ultimately find and buy an anvil from Joe.

Such marketing can be developed even further by using a multi-streaming platform like Switchboard Cloud, where both companies can simultaneously live stream to multiple platforms and spread the message virtually everywhere. That helps this killer content reach as many potential sellers and consumers as possible, and the bond between producer and seller will continue to grow.


Rachel Grossinger

Rachel Grossinger is the Digital Marketing Manager at Switchboard Live.