Share Live Company Events With the Masses
Live Streaming Use Cases

Share Live Company Events With the Masses

Tom Meisfjord
Tom Meisfjord

Memories of corporate events you’ve hosted are bound to recall fun and exciting moments. From company-wide sales events, to hands-on training seminars, to office holiday parties, there’s always a story that comes out of it. Come to think of it, any event your company puts together is worth showing off. Why not broadcast them to the public?

With the help of live streaming, all of the endearing personal qualities and moments of professional expertise that you see in your company every day can shine through, reaching a potentially limitless audience. Broadcasting different events can have different results, and unless something catches fire, they’re generally all going to be remarkably positive. Take a look . . .

public presentation

Live Streamed Public Events

This one’s a no-brainer. Whether you’re revealing a new product or just updating shareholders on the current state of affairs, offering a live streaming option gets the word out faster and easier. These are occasions you want people to know about anyway, so it makes perfect sense to make them available in as many formats as possible. Line up the camera and go live. You might be surprised by the amount of interest you’ll drum up, especially if you've done some before-hand marketing. Make sure to get the news out about your event through social media and other marketing channels, and target both established clients and those who don't know how awesome your business is yet.

live stream inhouse training

Filmed In-House Training

It’s a little odd to think of staff training as something anyone on the outside would be excited to see, especially when just getting your employees to focus on it can be like pulling teeth. What makes this a great opportunity for a live stream is that it brings the outside world into your workspace. Not only can prospective clients learn about your product, but they’ll also be able to connect with the people at your company, building a connection in the same way you would with a character on TV. Imagine how much better Jim Halpert’s sales numbers would’ve gotten if The Office had been a reality show. Or how much more sympathetic the citizens of Pawnee would’ve been towards local government if there had been videos for them to enjoy of the Parks and Rec team, training on the job. That’s the potential of a good live stream.

Broadcast Your Corporate Events

What sorts of morale boosters does your business offer? Do you hold an awards dinner for your top sales reps? Is there a company-wide retreat or exhibit once a year to update employees on new products or sales strategies? The point of these events is to get your staff excited about the upcoming year, and it could very well do the same thing for your clients. If you’re going to put on a show, it only makes sense to invite a bigger audience.

office party live video

Office Party Videos

Remember what we were saying earlier about how streaming in-house training could create a more human connection with your workforce? Well this is that same concept, but TO THE MAX. You’re letting your target market into your life in an intimate, personal way, showing your employees as real people and not just polo shirts or voices over the phone. Strap a GoPro to Steve from accounting’s forehead and let the good times roll. Bonus incentive: nothing encourages good behavior like the red camera light staring you down.

problem solving on camera

Problems on Camera = Not Always a Bad Thing

Obviously, in any of these situations, there’s good reason to feel trepidation. As the countless Twitch streamers keep trying to bring back the cinnamon challenge will tell you, or the multiple YouTubers reviewing those charcoal masks, things can go wrong. Like so much of life’s rich tapestry, how that’s perceived will rest on how you handle the situation.

Technical problems are always a concern. Most of those can be taken care of with a competent IT team and an ounce of prevention. The real head turners tend to come from human error. People make mistakes, or let one of those George Carlin words slip, all the time. Some folks might call that a problem. You should look at it as an opportunity.

Any mistake made on the air is a chance to show your clients how spectacularly you can handle situations they themselves probably face all the time. If you get flustered and panicky, you’re telling them that you can’t deal with a minor crisis. Inject some humor and poise and they’ll see what you wanted to show them in the first place: a human experience that will make them feel better connected to you.

So with all this in mind, feel like giving it a try, and want to project your office out into the world of live video?  Be sure to check out our blog for more live streaming tips! And, as always, be sure to let us know how it went.

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